"original, playful and thought-provoking"
--Chicago Sun-Times

"beguiling brand of ink-stained anarchy"
--Chicago Reader

"you will likely be dazed and awestruck"
--Windy City Times

are you my negative space? a performance about comics, war, and love

"are you my negative space" ran at the Athenaeum in Chicago from Nov. 21 to Dec 13, 2003. It received generally noteworthy press, and was one of the best experiences of my life.

The ensemble featured:

Heather Starkel.

Alex Thomas (also cartoonist) and Andy Brommel (also sound design).

Sasha Geoppo.

Vim Venture.

Chris Hauser.

Me (effigy).


The show was written and directed by Natsu Onoda, with the majority of video production by Gary Ashwal.


Gary (in camo shorts).

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